Dial Test Indicator

Dial Test Indicators

a) Internal parts :
Crown gear, Hands or pointers, hair springs, bezel seal, Take up gear, Jeweled bearings, Pivot or stylus holders, centre pinion, sector gear or copper lever gear & many more.

b) External parts :
Stylus( or needle contact point or probe)in various ball diameter s(both carbide, ruby & steel) & lengths, mounting stems or spigots (both dovetail type & screw type) in 8mm, 9.5mm (3/8€) & 4mm dia., bezel ring & glass & many more.

c) Accessories :
Different varieties of styli (or contact points) & stems (with knurled clamp nut type & screw on type), swivel clamps & holding arms for mounting on to height gage & magnetic stands, universal & centering holder, spanners.

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