Vernier Calipers

a) Internal parts :
Copper strips (Gibs) long & short, fine adjustment rollers, thumb or knob of sliders, Centre pinions, rack gears, brass wheel gears, pinion gear assemblies, hands or pointers or needles, dial scales, racks, hair springs, complete movement assy., bearing plate, depth bar, plastic gears, PCB or circuit board, rubber buttons switch, LCD display, Body cover, minus & plus contacts & many more.

b) External parts :
Bezel ring & glass, clamp screws, depth bar stopper plate, hook roller, complete reading unit assembly of digital calipers & many more.

c) Accessories :
SPC data output cables (for digimatic instruments), button cells (SR 44), Depth base attachment for calipers to use calipers as a wide base depth measuring instrument, caliper checkers & many more.

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