Dial Gauges and Accessories

a) Combination Square Set :
Separate blade (or scale), Protractor head, square head (or right angle), Centre head or VEE, Clamping assy., level bubble & it’s holder & many more.

b) Bevel Protractor :
Pinion gear for fine adjustment, eccentric pin, knobs for fine adjustment, body clamping (central knob), magnifier lens (or glass rupe), lens bracket or frame, Blade 150mm & 300mm, Acute angle attachment, height gage holder, etc.

c) Magnetic Stands :
Clamping assembly for dial holding rod & for vertical post (or pillar), dial holding rods 150 & 300mm long, spare magnetic base, flexible holder assembly, etc.

d) Surface Roughness Testers :
Stylus or probe or detectors (standard & special types like small hole, low force, deep groove type), nose piece for flat & cylindrical surface, adapters for height gage & magnetic stands, 50mm extension rod for extending the reach, 1 meter extension cable between drive & detector unit, rechargeable battery, AC adapter cum charger, Data processor cum printer, printing paper roll, SPC, USB & RS232C cable, Master roughness specimen, data interface device

e) Gauge Blocks Accessories :
Slip gauge holders of various sizes, large measuring jaws (plain jaws) in carbide & steel, half round jaws in different radius

f) Applied Dial Gauges :
i) Dial thickness gauge : Flat contact points in ceramic & steel, Holding frame, Lifting lever, bezel glass, etc.
ii) Dial snap gauge : Work stopper assy., Contact point & flat lapped anvils, dial holding assy., Dial gauge guard, clamp holder assy., D-washer, etc.
iii) Dial depth gauge : depth extension rods, ball & pointed (or conical) anvils, lifting lever, mounting bases, bezel glass, etc.
iv) Dial caliper gauge (internal & external) : bezel glass, crystal or dome glass, wire rope, interchangeable anvils for Teclock Japan internal dial calipers
v) Telescoping & small hole gauges : Loose individual sizes available

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