We introduce ourselves as large stockists of genuine parts & accessories of Mitutoyo Japan make measuring instruments, especially their small tools segment. We have been pioneers in this field in India as we have been importing & stocking Mitutoyo genuine parts & accessories since 1985. We have a Pan India client base & our clients mainly include QC departments of engineering Industries, Calibration laboratories, independent instrument repair mechanics & traders in all major industrial cities of India.
At a time we stock more than 1500 different genuine parts & accessories so that we can provide ready availability to our clients. India being a developing economy, budget is on everybody‚€™s mind. For budget conscious clients we also have a large stock of good quality Indian made parts & accessories suitable for Mitutoyo instruments. The ready availability of parts & accessories in ready stock result in two things:
a) Enhancing the value & life of existing instruments after quality repairs using above parts
b) Postponement of buying new instruments resulting in cost savings
c) Confidence in buying a new instrument as you are assured of ready availability of parts & service
We also have experienced instrument repair mechanics at disposal who do quality repairs of both mechanical as well as digimatic instruments.

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