Vernier Height & Depth Gauge

Vernier Height / Depth Gaugea) Internal parts:
Copper strips (Gibs) long & short, fine adjustment screws & rollers, Fine adjustment carrier body, blade/scale adjustment kit for zero setting. Driver gears , digit counter assy. for dial height gage with mechanical digit counter, rubber button switch, PCB, detector, Rack & pinion gears & many more

b) External parts:
Lifting knob or handle assy., Ratchet knob assy., Complete reading unit assembly & many more.

c) Accessories:
Carbide tipped Scribers, Scriber clamps or scriber holders, Magnifier lens & housing bracket, Depth gage attachment to measure groove or hole depth, centre probe to measure centre to centre distance between holes, contact sensor, holding bars & swivel clamps for holding test indicator, Touch signal probe, Height Master , Extension bases to extend the span or width of standard base & many more.

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